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A fine sight they are too, the believers in nonviolence, saying that they are neither executioners nor victims. Very well then; if you’re not victims when the government which you’ve voted for, when the army in which your younger brothers are serving without hesitation or remorse have undertaken race murder, you are, without a shadow of doubt, executioners. […] Try to understand this at any rate: if violence began this very evening and if exploitation and oppression had never existed on the earth, perhaps the slogans of non-violence might end the quarrel. But if the whole regime, even your non-violent ideas, are conditioned by a thousand-year-old oppression, your passivity serves only to place you in the ranks of the oppressors.

– Addressing Europeans and ‘that super-European monstrosity, north America,’ from Jean Paul Sartre’s forward to Frantz Fanon’s ‘The Wretched of the Earth’

The Cosmos


by Ruun M.


"Reaching inside the window, she grabbed my hand, and feverishly began tracing the brown lines mapped across my fingers, and palm. She recited the Quran. The Arabic she wielded with her tongue were words I once pronounced with a visceral edge, when I believed that in the trenches of the cosmos, the end times would fold up all of the earth like a carpet. When this happened, I thought, my soul would be cleansed. I thought sublimely - nakedly - I would swim upstream the heavens, reuniting with the essence known simply as Allah."

from MAANTA MAG, a new ’ Tumblr-based art, politics & culture magazine dedicated to fostering a critical space for Somalis of the diaspora.’ Check this out and boost it!!

every night


I don’t “self-identify” as trans, or disabled, or as a woman, society marks me out as such I simply acknowledge it, because denying it would only deny me a way to conceptualise and communicate my experiences and my life in this disablist transmisogynistic society, and hamper any efforts to improve it.