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First Response to Petition

Apparently, holding Dr. Thoennes responsible for his words is “surprising” and this petition’s representation of him “false.” Apparently, including the literal audio of what he said is “emotional” and Dr. Thoennes was merely making “an analogy,” not “claiming homosexuality to be like racism.”  These are the words of what I presume to be a personal assistant, because, you know, Dr. Thoennes just doesn’t consider us worth his time (shocking, I know). 

Let’s prove him wrong. Let’s show that he *is* responsible for his words, regardless of his intent or how he may like to redefine what he said. Feel free to e-mail Dr. Thoennes or his assistant or whomever is checking his e-mails at erik.thoennes@biola.edu. Below you will find a full transcript of the response. 

Thanks everyone for your amazing efforts so far and I hope this response is taken as a challenge to continue our output. 

Assistant’s response:

"This petition is surprising to me given the content of what Dr. Thoennes actually stated. To claim that he stated anything close to the opening statement of the petition, "Being gay is tantamount to being racist," or that he "likened homosexuality to racism," is untrue. It moves the discussion into the emotional realm rather than actually listening to what he is stating. It is easy to gain a following when a "straw man" is created. Dialog would be best served by clearly representing the viewpoint being made, rather than characterizing someone, who is willing to state his convictions, in a false manner. Dr. Thoennes was making an analogy of various actions, which the Bible claims to be sin; he was not claiming homosexuality to be like racism."

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